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This document is to explain how to install CleanX system in Linux environment.

Before installing

CleanX system installation must be preceded by the following installation.

  1. install/Linux/Clean
  2. install/Linux/Directory
  3. install/Linux/OptEnv

Get the latest source code

Check out from subversion repository at '' to '~/lib/CleanX.'

Build system

Change directory to '~/lib/CleanX/src/' then type 'make' and 'make install.' It will produce the following files.

Make symbolic link to the shell file using the following commands.

chmod 755 ~/lib/CleanX/clex
ln -s ~/lib/CleanX/clex ~/bin/clex

Add environment variable

Add the following environment variables in your '.bash_profile' or the else.

export CLEANXHOME=~/lib/CleanX

Patch Clean build tools

Because CleanX system need to be called from the Clean building process, you need to patch the build tools, especially 'clm' in Linux environment.

Patch files are in '~/lib/CleanX/patches' directory. Those are listed below.

The first two is for Windows environment and the last one is for Linux environment.

Change directory to 'src/tools' directory under the extracted directory in install/Linux/Clean. Then copy the patch file and apply it using the following command.

cp ~/lib/CleanX/patches/clm.patch .
patch --binary -p0 < clm.patch

Then compile and install clm.

cd clm
make -f Makefile.linux clm
cp clm ~/bin