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This document is to explain how to install Concurrent Clean system in Linux environment.

Get the distribution of the latest Clean system

Get the boot distribution for Linux (32bits) environment from the official site. Then extract the archive in a temporary directory.

Build system

Change directory into 'src' directory in the extracted directory. Then type 'make.' It produces the following files.

Make directories for install Clean system

Clean system must be installed under the user's home directory because the compiler may modify files in the system libraries.

Create the following directories in your home directory.

Install Clean system

Copy the following files into '~/bin' directory.

Copy the following directories into '~/lib/clean2.2' directory.

Add environment variables

Add the following environment variables in your '.bash_profile' or the else.

export CLEANLIB=~/bin

Install manual

Copy 'man/man1/clm.1' into '/usr/local/man/man1/clm.1' or whereever you like.